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Kraftwerks is a full service sheet metal shop.  Our services include the fabrication standing seam copper roofing, flat seam copper roofing, cornice, custom skylights of and other accessories.

standing seam copper roofing

All of our details are industry proven techniques that have been in use since or before your home was built.  The standing seam copper roofing, flat seam copper roofing and components are shop fabricated by us and not purchased.

standing seam copper roofing custom skylight            standing seam copper roofing

We provide custom fabrication of skylights, gutters, downspouts and accessories for your complete copper roof system.

copper downspoutcopper cornicecopper downspout

Copper is one of the best materials used in roofing.

Copper roofing is not that expensive to install and is worth the investment. Over time the copper roofing oxidizes and goes through a process called patina. This process turns the shiny pinkish copper roof to a beautiful jade-like green. The carbonate patina is highly resistant to corrosion.

Copper roofing is making its way back onto the residential scene because of its many benefits. Contrary to popular belief a copper roof is no louder or noisier than a traditional roof and does not attract lightning any more than any other roofing material.  Insects and rodents will not munch on this material either, and unlike wood shingles, slate or asphalt shingles, copper roofing is immune to rot and mildew. The copper itself discourages moss to grow on the copper roof as 

It also works great for low pitch roofs. A copper roof lasts a lifetime. The material is environmentally sound because not only will there not be a need for replacement, but it is made mainly from recycled materials- about seventy-five percent is from recycled copper. 

Copper roofing is seen on many historic homes. Copper has been used since ancient times.  One of the oldest copper roofs in America is on a Philadelphia church, built in 1787.

Because there are so many advantages it’s easy to see why so many are choosing to install standing seam copper roofing and flat seam copper roofing on their homes. 
Maintaining a copper roof is easy, the copper roof is relatively maintenance free.

We hope our website provided useful information. A copper roof is a fantastic addition and will add aesthetic value to the home for years and years to come. So get started on that copper roofing project today!  Go to our Contact Us page to request an estimate.  If you need info on slate roofing or tin roofing, just click.

Honor, integrity and continually seeking to expand our knowledge are the values Kraftwerks Sheet Metal & Slate LLC aspires to each day and with each project.  We believe these values provide you, our customer, the highest quality, affordable and comprehensive job possible.  Thank you for your interest in our firm.  Please contact us with any questions, request for more information or an estimate request.

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